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Giveaway Tool

  • Get your free gift
  • Help promoting BTCz
  • Giveaway to your freinds
  • Check your BTCz giveaway
  • Manage giveaway expiration
  • Send gift notification per eMail
  • Print gift cards (coming soon)
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Receive a free 100 BTCz gift for your first sign in. This gifts are limited, so don't abuse and let it for newcomer if you don't need it.
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You can use this tool to send BitcoinZ to your friends using their eMail addresses. The give.btcz.app BTCz Giveaway Tool is an free service that provides you end-to-end-user BTCz payment control. It generates a new address (and QR) for each payment. A expiration date is set in case your freinds do not take the payment, in which case it will be returned to your address. This is an open-sourced solution available as a baseline for further development by anyone. Intended to push user acceptance, this project can be a great lever for entrepreneurship people to use in their BTCz promotion efforts. The BTCz Giveaway Tool allows anyone and everyone to promote BTCz in the easiest possible way.

For any comment, suggestion or issues about this tool, feel free to contact us via the below community channels. You can also contact us directly by using the contact form. Please visit first the FAQFAQ page for any usage related questions.
Thank you!

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  • Total created giveaway: 1040
  • Accepted giveaway (3): 910
  • Returned giveaway (4): 11
  • Expired giveaway (2): 115